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“Have you ever wondered why it is easy to speak to a friend alone and it is absolutely fearful to go on a stage and give a speech? Speaking to a friend is also communication. You do not need to be trained….

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Chatterbox is thrilled to announce the tie up with the prestigious DPS Jorhat.

This will bolster our presence in the education field and hugely benefit the children from this region. We appreciate the initiative taken by the school administration for incorporating PublicSpeaking as part of the curriculum.

DPS Jorhat is a wonderful addition to the other institutes we have been closely working with.

Chatterbox 1st Batch Aftermovie

The acid test of our course took place when we had the Grande Finale of our first batch. We were not sure what would be the outcome. Our success and failure depended on that day. As one by one the kids went to deliver their final speeches we sighed a breath of satisfaction that what we were doing was right. The parents were in tears seeing their children perform so well which they had never expected. The parents expectation was zero but what they were delivered was more than 100% if not more. Seeing the joy, enthusiasm and energy this whole event brought about we decided to continue with Chatterbox.

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Latest Events of ChatterBox

An interactive workshop on public speaking and effective communication was organized by Marwari Yuwa Manch Sewa Sathi Sakha at Doon Heritage School, which was conducted by Chatterbox. It was a delightful experience for us to share our expertise on public speaking with the aspiring future leaders, and we feel pleased and proud to have done so.

During the workshop, we covered various aspects of public speaking, including how to overcome stage fright, how to structure a speech, and how to use body language and voice modulation to enhance the impact of the message. We also shared tips on how to engage and connect with the audience, and how to handle questions and feedback effectively.

The participants showed a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, and we were impressed by their willingness to step out of their comfort zones and practice their communication skills. It was gratifying to see the progress they made over the course of the workshop, and we believe that they have the potential to become confident and effective speakers in the future.

We are grateful to Marwari Yuwa Manch Sewa Sathi Sakha for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the development of the young minds, and we look forward to more such collaborations in the future.

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Chatterbox first started when we realized the need to motivate youth to improve public speaking. We understand that public speaking and communication is not a very big part of school curriculum but an important one so we took initiative to teach our young generation to bring out best of their personalities. We don’t want our youth to suffer the way we did. Our aim is to shape future leaders.


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