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“Have you ever wondered why it is easy to speak to a friend alone and it is absolutely fearful to go on a stage and give a speech? Speaking to a friend is also communication. You do not need to be trained and taught how to impress him or her cause you have known your friend for a long time and have built a healthy rapport.
The trouble is “the audience”. You do not have such a rapport with them. So how are you going to “woo” them? How do you stand your ground and keep them mesmerized? How do you get them off their seats for a standing ovation once you have delivered your speech? Well for all the above we need a platform, a guided course, well-experienced coaches, and a lot of practice of speeches on stage. All these are provided at Chatterbox classes. We instill confidence in a person from childhood and we build the roots strong enough to face any storm as far as public speaking is concerned.
It is said that during a funeral, a person would prefer to be in the casket than do the eulogy. Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, reigns the number one fear in the world moving the fear of death to second place.

Who We Are

We have all recited poetry done debates and taken part in impromptu speeches in our school and college days, but there was no guidance as to how to better ourselves on the same. It was always those students who were good in poetry, debate, and impromptu speeches that were always called upon to take part. We were told that they have this quality inbuilt in them; hence they were looked upon as leaders among the rest.
Well, the truth is very different. We are all born with these talents inbuilt in ourselves; we just need a platform to showcase them. Pilots, Doctors, Engineers, Rocket scientists do not come from another planet. We all could have been any of these but either we were not provided that platform or we chose not to pursue the same due to various reasons.
Chatterbox provides a platform for children and adults between the ages of 7 to 70 years, to shed their inhibitions of stage fear, public speaking, and all those baggage’s we carry within ourselves which prevent us to be great orators.
It is not what we speak but how we speak that makes the difference.
You may have beautiful words to share and a lot of knowledge to impart; it will only make a difference when it touches the audiences’ hearts. People will forget what you have said but they will always remember how you made them feel.
Chatterbox is an “out of the box” coaching center. We do not teach grammar or languages. We do not restrict you to the use of the English language alone. All we do is build your confidence and guide you stepwise to be the best orator you can ever be.

  • Concentration

  • Side Effects

  • Duration

Areas of concentration:

  • Stage Fright
  • Stage Presence
  • Stage play and movement
  • Eye Contact
  • Body Language
  • Speech Delivery
  • Vocals
  • Storytelling
  • NLP
  • Grande Finale – Speech competition

Side Effects of the course:

  • Increase in confidence level
  • The child becomes talkative
  • No stage fear
  • Speaks with proper thought process
  • Noted with leadership qualities amongst contemporaries
  • Takes spontaneous initiatives without being coaxed
  • Enjoys the spotlight

Duration :

  • Course is for 12 weeks i.e 3 months.
  • Each quarter is called a season.
  • Once a week class for 2 hrs.

Coming up soon :

  • Chatterbox Level 2 ( for seniors as well )
  • Chatterbox community club
  • Chatterbox franchise models

Our Founder

Dhiraj K Golyan

Area Director Dist 41 Toastmasters International(2020-21)
Siliguri Round Table , Member
Past Area Chairman, Area XIV (18-19)
Past President, Siliguri Toastmasters Club
Founder Faculty, Chatterbox Speakers Institute

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