Frequently Asked Questions

We have the following workshops:
• Chatterbox Champs – (Ages 7-12)
• Chatterbox Teens – (Ages 13-17)
• Chatterbox Masterclass – (Ages 17+)
The 3 workshops mentioned above are workshops which are public speaking oriented and help in building self-confidence. These workshops were born out of the same idea and have been tweaked a little depending upon the age group we are dealing with. They look at public speaking definitions, ethics, confidence building exercises, speech building, elimination of common wrong habits and much more.
• Out Of The Box – Level 1 – (Age 13+)
• Out Of The Box – Level 2 – (Age 13+)
The online class is for 1 month with 8 sessions. It has a parents interaction program at the end of the course.
We do not offer any discounts or early bird offers. The course fee has been decided keeping in mind the escalating costs of having trained facilitators, updation of study materials and best in the industry faculty. This is a life changing course for the participants and we do-not practice price cutting or dual standards in our policies.
We have not experienced this situation before. We do not entertain any refund policy.
Feedbacks can be got directly through personal message to our trainers anytime. At the end of each batch the last session is an interaction with parents.
We take payments in single installment. In special cases an application may be made to the management citing a genuine cause for installments. The decision of the management shall be final on this.
Not applicable for online sessions. The fees are very low to be considered installment worthy.
Please note that incase a particular child has any issue in any part of the learning the trainer shall be more than happy to have a one to one session before the class resumes to clear his/her doubts.
Online sessions have a recap at the beginning of every class.
A. We do not promise that your child will become a world class orator in 1 month. But yes, he/she will learn the nuances of public speaking, will not shy away from the stage and will know the technicalities of public speaking.
B. After this stage it’s all about practice, the more the child practices the better he/she becomes.
C. The individual will be aware of what is expected from him/her while they are on the actual platform in the world.
D. We have had innumerable feedbacks from parents saying that their child now has changed from being shy to being an extrovert and has immense confidence which was lacking before.
A. 90% of the children get conscious in the presence of their parents. Additionally many parents start coaching/pressuring the kids after the class once they see them failing/not speaking well in the classes. Our approach is different. We encourage kids to fall, fail and learn. Even if they make mistakes it’s perfectly fine. We are happy even if they have mustered the courage to come on stage and stand.
B. Online classes discourages parents being present in the room of the child for reasons given above.
Online classes too have Level 2 course for a month, same schedule and fee structure.
Classes are conducted by Chatterbox certified trainers having profound knowledge and experience of Public speaking training.
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