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Chatterbox Online Masterclass

Build Your Child’s Self-Confidence & Communication Skills to the Highest Level When They Learn The Most Effective Techniques needed to woo the audience!

Your child will learn an essential life skill that will transform them into self-confident individuals with the ability to lead & influence others.

Every week, your child can attend LIVE online classes (twice a week) that are conducted by the co-founders of Chatterbox.

Suitable for Students 7 to 18 Years Old Only.


Dhiraj as a trainer/facilitator and Public Speaking trainer uses his competencies to

Plan and execute learnings to enable his audience to become more confident and assertive when it comes to Public Speaking and oratory skills.

Founder at Chatterbox- Speakers Institute.

Certified trainer for Round Table India with more than 4000+ members in over 100 cities in India

Instrumental in coaching hundreds of kids with the basics in communications and the art of speaking in public.

Conducted workshops and Leadership training programs for entrepreneurs in cities like Siliguri, Kolkata and Guwahati.

Joseph Sebastian

Joseph, a master of ceremonies, a quiz master on national TV and live, an actor, an active Toastmaster, a celebrated marketer for more than 2 decades and a motivational speaker.

Founder at Chatterbox – Speakers Institute
Founding President of Siliguri Toastmasters Club (1st TMC in Siliguri)
Has had an extensive career in marketing, public relations, administration in media and hospitality industries.

An active member of Toastmasters International

Has been certified a “Competent Leadership” award by Toastmasters International.

Club Coach for Area K District 41, Toastmasters International.

Founder, trainer & researcher at Chatterbox.

5 Different Reasons Why Parents Like You Might Send Your Child for Speaking & Communications Skills Classes

Because your child seem to have low self-esteem and self-confidence

Because your child is a little too shy to speak up in front of people and articulate their ideas and thoughts

Because you want your child to develop strong communication skills at a young age

Because developing communication skills is a an important life skill which can help your child to become a confident & likable leader

Because it’s a lifetime skill that can help your child to standout in a world where everyone is equally talented and skilled

Lack of Communication
Skills Leads To Low Self-Confidence.

This is why it’s a skill that’s highly recommended by many top successful individuals:

“The one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now – at least – is to hone your communication skills (public speaking).”

-Legendary Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet

“Communication Is The Most Important Skill Any Leader Can Possess”

– Founder of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson

Palash and Devash are my nephews and i have seen a sea change in them after attending your chatterbox classes. We are very eager on have a chatterbox classes in Durgapur and want to invite you to start the classes here. Can you pls mail us your franchise proposal so that we can circulate it among our friends and connect back soon with you all.

– Ms. Parul Bajoria

Dear mentors, My son Laksh sincerely enjoyed the time spent with you all !! He has become more verbal n creative..! He gained more confidence more courage n the desire to use his voice to express himself more!! Thanks for your commitment! “Chatterbox ” Power of public speaking for children !!

– Ms. Rinki Gidra

Thank you Dhiraj and Joseph for coming up with an online training module in Public Speaking so quickly and effectively. It’s a wonderful platform especially for those kids in whose cities there may not be much of exposure for such Brilliant and professional courses !
I can see a lot of improvement in Siya already, in just a matter of 1 week!
I sincerely request Chatterbox team to continue the same and come up with more and more till they reach a level of perfection !

– Kiran Tenginkai, Mother of Siya Tenginkai

What’s this online training program all about?

Masterclass programme is a 1 month online speaking & communication skills program for children.

Classes are LIVE and held online weekly. Each session is 1.5 hours. Classes are held twice a week.

After completing 1 month program, your child will be awarded an ISO certified course completion certificate.

Here’s a Glimpse of
What Your Child Will Learn
During this 1-Month Program:

Body Language Secrets

  • Learn the most effective way to use non-verbal communication for 1-on-1 or presentations
  • How to use hand gestures or your body to bring out your charisma & be likable

Self- Confidence & Overcoming Anxiety

  • Exercises or techniques you can use on a day-to-day basis win over your fear all the time!
  • How to calm your nerves down before any intense speaking situations

Storytelling & Speech Crafting

  • A powerful tool that can be used to share ideas in a compelling way
  • How to craft your story or speech that keeps people listening from start to finish

Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • How to win over & create a stunning first impression in the first few mins for 1-on-1 or in a small group setting
  • How to communicate & articulate your views clearly so you’re a good leader that people will follow

Impromptu Speaking Techniques

  • How to think fast on your feet using different types of presentation formulas
  • How you can quickly respond to questions that are tough to answer which can also be applied to exams

Here’s other public speaking techniques that will be covered during other classes…

  • Voice Projection & Tonality
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Emceeing & Stage Presence
  • The art of persuasion
  • Interview & Oral Exam Strategies
  • Linguistics & Vocal Variety
  • And so much more…
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