Online Masterclass – Senior

Confidence is fragile, it can shatter with the slightest blow. Certify yourself with an unbreakable foundation from certified experts in the industry. Join the Chatterbox Masterclass today to add charisma to your style.

Learn essential life skills that will transform you into confident individuals with the ability to lead & influence others.

Master skills in a month, Attending live online classes (twice a week) conducted by the co-founders of Chatterbox.

Suitable for everyone above the age of 18

5 Different Reasons Why YOU need Training

  1. Nervous of speaking in front of people- never again!
  2. Develop the ability to articulate your ideas and thoughts with finesse
  3. Communication builds bridges, and we intend to make them strong
  4. Develop on graceful leadership skills poised with panache
  5. Stand out from the herd with refined skills and confidence

What’s this online training program all about?

A bi-weekly online program for adults for the duration of a month ( 8 sessions) that would transform your communication and community skills.

LIVE online classes by Industry Experts who train you to be the finest version of you in 1.5 hours, twice a week.

Reward yourself with an ISO certified course completion certificate, awarded to you at the end of the one month program.

Here’s a Glimpse of What Your Will Learn During this 1-Month Program:

  1. The Science of Oration: Be a master orator with in-depth knowledge of public speaking with the right body language and temperament
  2. Smile your way to success: Learn the subtle nuances of body-language and the significant role they play in making a difference
  3. Awe you audience: Connect with you audience on the same wave length with deeper understanding and analysis of your crowd
  1. Resume to reckon with: Learn the art of building comprehensive CV’s that make you a diamond in the dust
  2. Best foot forward: Prepare for the world with skills to dominate interviews, nail presentations, surmount speeches and basic etiquette
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