junior Level One

Speak with confidence

  • Stage fright
  • Stage presence
  • Stage play and movement
  • Eye contact

Power of body language

  • Learn what every action mean to our subconscious mind
  • Get assertive with your delivery
  • Be charismatic
  • Complement your word with a gesture
  • learn when to smile

Harness your vocal variety

  • Release your voice at full throttle
  • Charm your audience
  • Be an interesting storyteller

Neuro linguistic programming

  • Learn how to read other’s mind and body.
  • Channelise your thoughts for maximum results.

Prepare to win

  • Learn tricks for before and after your speaks.
  • Learn how to prepare well.
  • Dress to your advantage.
  • Mock contest preparation.
  • Speech contest and awards!
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